The Wichts

Post-apocalyptic Punk Poetry?

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No such thing

it was uncertain which way we would devour
all the games that we would play
just to pretend to feel something.
We had to pretend just to feel something...


It began one stormy night...

The Wichts combines the story-telling of vocalist, keyboardist, and poet, Audrey Rose, with Justin Humphrey's dark electric guitar. The music rises and swells with the emotional tone of the lyrics as Audrey invites the audience to look directly into her eyes during her most vulnerable breakdowns. The band started in The Blueberry Shire in New Brunswick, NJ as Justin followed along to Audrey's spoken word with his guitar and pedal board. Fans have dubbed the genre "uneasy listening," "horror jazz," and "psychedelic jazz punk;" but truth be told, there's no easy way to describe the way The Wichts flows inside and brings everything out for all to see and feel.


I'll pluck out your eyes...


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